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Wednesday at the Well

Wednesday at the Well is our weekly, online Bible Study. Each Wednesday a video is posted on this website along with a Study Guide that will enable you to study the Bible in a systematic way. The current study is "Introduction to the Bible". Each week we introduce a book or two of the Bible to learn who wrote it, why they wrote it and to whom they wrote it. In this study it's our desire to gain a foundation of Biblical understanding and learn God's will for your life. 

Each Wednesday afternoon a new video will upload on this website. Just look for the button on the homepage. Also you will find a tab that takes you to a downloadable study guide that helps reinforce the video. If you miss a week don't worry, all class videos and study guides stay on the website so you can catch up on what you missed.  This is free to you and always will be.

To get started click on the lesson you desire and get started putting the "...Word of God in your heart."

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