I hope you are as excited as I am about the reopening of our Children’s Ministry at RCC. It’s been six months since we shut down and we have missed a lot of opportunities to teach our kids about God. But thanks to Him, and the hard work of our Children’s Ministry Team, the elders are confident that we can reopen and do it safely.


The details are listed below. If you are going to take part in this ministry, as the parent or grandparent of a child, as a volunteer or helper, please take a minute to look this over before Sunday. The first day of anything can lean towards the chaotic side but with you taking a minute to familiarize yourself with this, the easier it will go. We announced last Sunday that Wonderland, our Bible Teaching ministry to children, will be starting back up on Sunday, October 4th. We promised details of the reopening and thanks to the hard work of the Children’s Ministry Team here they are.


Wonderland will open for ages 0-2 nursery and ages 3/pre-K. Check in is at the window in the hallway just before Wonderland starting at 10:15 am. Please sanitize your children’s hands and check that they have a mask prior to check in. The room is a tight space so only the children and Wonderland volunteers should enter Wonderland. Your child’s temperature will be taken using a forehead thermometer. Please keep your child at home if they do not feel well. Wonderland volunteers will wear masks and will encourage children to wear their mask if possible. Name tags will be given to children and parents/guardians for the purpose of dismissal and returning the right children to the right parents. Please keep jackets and bags other than diaper bags with you during worship service. We are trying to take as many precautions as needed to keep everyone safe and healthy. But please understand that if you bring your child or you volunteer in the area, you’re potentially putting yourself at risk. 


During Wonderland we will do our best to social distance, use hand sanitizer, and wear mask if desired. Hula Hoops will be used to separate children during music time. This will give children the opportunity to stand, dance, and sing worship songs. Table seats will be spread out for children to pray,  engage in story time, craft, and have an individually wrapped snack. Seats will be marked for children in the same place every week.


During dismissal we ask that parents/guardians wait for their child at the check-in location. The Wonderland volunteers will individually dismiss children as parents arrive. Then Wonderland volunteers will spray and wipe down areas/materials used during service.


We are looking forward to teaching our children about Jesus again! With your help, we can safely resume this important ministry, please be patient as we work out the bugs. And again, a huge thanks to the Children’s Ministry Team for their hard work!!


All God’s Best!


Phil Barnes