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We Love Kids!

Providing an opportunity for everyone to learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is a primary focus for us at Roachdale Christian Church. We believe teaching the Bible to all ages to be a foundational part of our purpose to exist! 


We believe it is crucial to give our children a solid foundation  of faith and that begins when children are very young. With that being said, we know that 30 minutes per week will not establish a solid foundation. This can only be done at home by parents and guardians that make it a priority daily. We encourage parents to do Bible reading and Family Worship and Prayer daily. If we don't teach our children to Love God then the world will teach them to hate him. 


 Our Children's Ministry is run by caring and loving adults that have passed background checks. The classes are divided up based on age:

The Nursery is  available beginning at 10:15am on Sundays and is available for children 0-2 years old during all of the 10:30 service. Just pick them up in the nursery that is at the end of the Hallway to the right at the bottom of the ramp. They will be cared for and loved at all times!


Wonderland is a class for kids that are 3 years old up through kindergarten. Check your child into Wonderland at the windows going down the ramp leading down from the lobby starting at 10:15 am and then take them with you for the first part of worship. They will be released from worship and you can pick up your kids from Wonderland at the bottom of the ramp after 2nd service. 

Kingdom kids is a class offered during 2nd service for children that are in 1st-5th grade. Kingdom kids will go to 2nd service to start and after worship music is over they will be dismissed to their class which is located upstairs.


We are looking forward to teaching your children about Jesus! See you Sunday! 

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