I hope you are all doing well in midst of this difficult time. The good news is that the virus has not shown up at RCC after nine weeks so, we believe, the efforts to sanitize and set up a safe place to worship is effective.  Many of you have ventured back and prayerfully more of you will be ready to do that soon. Until then please take advantage of the worship assemblies posted on the church website, www.rccfamily.org.


Despite the pandemic, the work at RCC goes on, maybe a little different than before the end of March, but there are still “souls to rescue, there are souls to save”. There is also a church to lead. The first Sunday after shutdown started was when we were supposed to begin turning in nominations ballots for additional elders and deacons. Obviously, that didn’t happen. The elders decided then to continue in place, as is, theirs and the deacon’s service, until the situation changed with the shutdown. 


Last night, at their meeting, the elders decided to proceed with this important matter. The attachment to this email is the official nomination form but you can also download it from www.rccfamily.org, pick one up Sunday at RCC, or in your mailbox in the next few days. Once you have the nomination form please read it carefully, prayerfully and please look up the Bible verses at the bottom of the form, then complete your nomination form. Anyone who is a member of RCC, and at least 16 years of age, my submit a nomination form.


The timeline for election of new Shepherds:


August 9          Nomination forms are due at RCC. You can bring it with you to worship and put it in the box provided, mail it, or drop it off at the church office. If you come after hours place it in the mail slot on the front door. 


August 23        The congregation will vote on the slate of candidates. The RCC bylaws require you to be present for the congregational vote. 


Sept 6              The new elders and deacons will be ordained and begin their duties. 


The selection of leadership is one of the most important tasks of a member of a local church. God lays out for us what to look for in those we chose to serve as overseers of our souls in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. This is important and deserves our prayers, discernment and wisdom. Please take the time to talk your selections over with the Father.


The advancement of the Kingdom of God is continuing on at Roachdale Christian Church.  We are on pins and needles waiting to see where God is going to lead this Family. I am grateful to Him for the amazing things he is going to do through us!


All God’s Best!